Drunk With Music (astraltea) wrote in potfics,
Drunk With Music

Does anyone care about Koishikawa?

I have this unbetaed/unedited fic and this is my first time making a fic, so hopefully that's fine?
Title: Swift as a Punch
Pairing(s): None; Zaizen Hikaru and Koishikawa Kenjiro
Rating: K+
Genre: Supernatural, Friendship
Disclaimer: Nope, none of these characters are mine. It's kind of OOC, short, and stupid.
Summary: Music-aggressive Zaizen versus his lame psychologist, Koishikawa Kenjiro.
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Koishikawa love! :D So rare!

Ever think about posting this to the shitenhoji community? We're small, but we've got quite a bit of love for fuku-buchous and tensais!
Thanks! It's so rare that FF doesn't even have the option to tag his name. T__T He's pretty awesome from what's shown in the OVAs

Oh man, but the community members over there are so great and the quality of their fanart/fanfics are amazing... I don't think I'm ready yet, hahahaha