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Welcome to the PoTFics, a place where fans of the series (both anime and manga) Prince of Tennis (also known as Tennis no Oujisama) can share and comment on each other's fiction. This is an open community, but like all communities, it has rules to be followed. Or you'll get kicked out of you don't, your choice.

- Only fanfiction is to be posted. I've seen many a good community get screwed up because someone wanted to talk about their cat or something (you get the point, unless, ya know, you're talking about Karupin). MSTs, rants, etc., are not allowed and will be deleted if posted. However, go ahead and post as many fanfics as you want.

- No flaming or harrassing members of the community (or anyone, if you want to take it further). PoTFics strives to be a friendly community where all is welcomed. (Just because someone doesn't like your pairing, doesn't mean you can kill them) C&C is obviously allowed and welcomed. If you are caught flaming, however, you shall be banned from further posting.

- Due to popular belief, no, not just yaoi/shounen ai fanfiction are allowed. This place accepts straight pairings too. So go ahead and post Ryoma x Sakuno or whatever else you people think of.

- R and NC-17 fics are accepted. However, when posting these fics, please use the lj-cut code, since not everyone loves this stuff. And also place a reason for why it is rated as such (extreme violence, sexual content, etc.)


If you don't know how to post your fics, you can use this as a basic format!

Title: _________
Author: _______
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Genre: (General, Humour, Romance, Mystery, Action, etc.)
Pairing/Characters: (if applicable, please put the pairing. If there is no pairing, please include the characters then)
Chapter: (if applicable)
Summary: (self-explanatory)
Warnings: (if applicable)
Actual Fic: (please use the lj-cut code when posting the actual fic, some people don't like scrolling through large amounts of text)

Hope all of that was easy enough to understand. ^^; And have fun, everyone!

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